Hypocracy is a government of hypocrisy


Democracy, Demo-cracy, Hypo-cracy, differ from hypocrisy.


Hypocracy is a government of hypocrisy.


The primary directive of the parasite beast is to overthrow governments that care for their people, and install hypocracy.


When you go to war and believing that you are fighting for your country you are really fighting to preserve the hypocracy in your own country.


The burden of the parasite beast

The burden of the parasite beast is similar to the white mans burden, to control the whole world under their system. Their system is that the resources of earth should benefit a few oligarchs. If Russia wants their oil and gas resources to benefit their own people the parasites will do whatever it takes to overthrow them.
One can see how the media only presents the side of the beast, it is a ghetto mentality like the freedom fries, they break off NATO and NASA promptly from cooperating with Russia. One can see that the parasite is a ghetto mentality.

A thousand points of darkness

The world is worried about the cost to fix climate change. It is simple, the cost to fix climate change is zero.
Well not quit, it is negative,  negative money, the opposite of money.
Shutdown the military industrial complex now before earth goes into thermal runaway. This will save billions of dollars.
Shutdown the police and prison industrial complex now before earth goes into thermal runaway. This will save billions of dollars.
By shutdown the military, police, prison we will also save on millions of tons of greenhouse gases.
The parasite beast presently control the means of industry but they would never shutdown themselves.

Police and soldiers.

Police and soldiers.
Soldiers you believe that you are doing good, freeing the world of communist, relieving other countries of their oil and other resources. You go and risk your life for your country, you think that you are heroes. However you must realize that you were trained and conditioned from birth to serve the system.
You are taught in school from an early age to serve. G.I. Joe is the hero, Hollywood, comics, television create the cartoons movies to train you from a tender age.

Why the parasite beast hate Russia.

This is why the parasite beast hate Russia.
What Russia did not do:
Russia did not enslave black people.
Russia did not commit genocide on the natives of Africa, north and south America.
Russia did not split up Africa, India, Afghanistan, Palestine, and many more.
Russia did not bomb Japan with nuclear bombs.
What Russia did do:
Russia saved the world from Hitlers Germany. If Russia did not enter the backside of Germany, the allies would have lost the war.
You just need to listen to Hilary Clinton and John Kerry to realize where they stand against poor people. They are John McCain's people.

Mayhem in Crimea

Mayhem in Crimea.
The parasite beast explanation for the illegality of the  Crimean vote is that there was no bloodshed. However their sponsored bloodshed in Kiev was  legitimate. The reason for this, is might is right, since the US. EU. are the mightiest, then they are right.
They are judge, jury, and executioner, plus lawmaker of the world.  Indeed might is right if you are the toughest.
There are also other reasons too, there was a recent cut in military spending, the industry needs to reverse these spending cuts.


The parasite beast is fighting a losing battle

The parasite beast is fighting a losing battle because if they win they lose, in fact all of us lose. The world is presently controlled by the parasite beast powered by greed, the more that you have, the more you want.


This by design create haves and have-nots  which forces society to waste a lot of resources on protection, by police, soldiers, burglar bars, locks, bombers,tanks , guns.


The ruling class must protect themselves from their slaves. If any country decides to operate a system that is beneficial to their community at large.  They will be subverted economically, militarily, …...


John McCain rules

It is truly a shame a Nobel peace prize winner has become the chief spokes person for the suppression the Ukrainian people.
When I see them holding hands with the criminals who brutally overthrew the legally elected government of Ukraine, I come to realize that the parasite beast rules. Obama may be president but John McCain and friends are the actual rulers.
Hilary is trying to become the next spokes person for the parasite beast. From what Hilary has already said one can see that she has to prove herself tougher than Obama to win the next election.
If Hilary ever becomes the chief of the military industrial complex it will be worse than under Obama, it will probably be the end of earth.

The irony of the parasite beast

The irony of the parasite beast. NASA
In recent times the beast has killed Sadam Hussein, Mumar Qaddafi  in order to install parasite beast's to give away their oil. The parasite beast's get the riches while the people of the countries get sustenance to mine the oil.
They are working on Russia and Venezuela in order to overthrow them and install  parasite beast's to give away their oil.

What is the purpose of man

What is the purpose of man.
The parson will tell you to put a lot in the collection plate and you will live a happy life and insure a one way ticket to heaven. The parasite beast will tell you to work hard and consume all you can and serve your  masters well.
The truth is we are here to mulch and fertilize the earth. In other words we are here t produce shit. The day that we cannot produce shit may be our last day, then the final shit will be the decay of our whole body.
All plants and animals are here produce shit this is what preserves the earth and protects it. Earth would become a dust cloud and look like Mars if it was not for shit.


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