Don't save the bees because they pollinate the plants
Don't save the bees because they give us honey
Don't save the tropical forest because we may find medicines in the plants
 Just save everything because it's beautiful
Just save everything because we came here and saw them
Just save everything because we are the ones destroying them
Just save everything because we cannot make them......
Unuseminucum 5/11/2014

Drop your arms and go home

Start with a  lily in the pond which double every time, a time will come when the pond is half full.

What will happen the next time? No matter how big the pond it will be full of lily's.


We are like lily's in the pond, most of us don't know, the few of us that see the problem have no power to change the outcome.  


Why is it that we cannot change the outcome?


Our system is run by greed, we are taught this all of our lives, it begins with cartoons, movies, kindergarten to university.  


cigarette tax

Cigarette tax.
Government have mercy on the poor hardworking people. The rich can pollute earth by burning millions of gallons of jet fuel. The rich can go to their private clubs and  golf courses and drink thousand dollar a bottle liquor.
The poor have to work sometimes two or three jobs just to keep their heads above water. For some the only pleasure and recreation is to smoke a cigarette or drink a beer.
These rich politicians who have access to all the pleasures of the world cannot understand why a person should smoke, they say that it is bad for your health, and that it is a burden on the health care and social security system.


We are taught that rich people are intelligent. They must be intelligent because they know how to make money right!
A truly intelligent person would not see the accumulation of wealth as the primary goal in life. A truly intelligent person would accumulate enough for their family and themselves to live comfortable while leaving the rest of earths resources for future generations.
These people who are controlled by greed are really the stupid people. They do not have enough intelligence to see that the faster they use up earths resources the sooner earth will go into thermal runaway.

Dear president Obama


Dear President Obama, these war mongers and people who have a vested interest in the military industrial complex which are encouraging to box in Russia will disown you when things go wrong.


They will push you into a conflict with Russia and even find ways to make it go wrong by creating an accident and commit you into war.


The Queen can do no wrong and the US. President cannot be tried for war crimes. But remember that the next president may not look like you.

War with Russia

John McCain and friends own Obama and they are pushing him into world war 3.
They could not defeat him in the election so they will push the war. Lockheed
and Boeing will make a lot of money. Who will pay for this war? The hard working
people of America.

Notice the Republicans have oposed every move that Obama has taken except pushing war with Russia.
People use your senses, if the Republicans are in agreement with Obama then something is seriously wrong.

We the people will pay the price. If the war goes atomic even the parasite beast will lose.

Shutdown NATO, the military industrial complex, and the parasite beast.

Stop exporting hypocracies.

Hypocracy is a government of hypocrisy


Democracy, Demo-cracy, Hypo-cracy, differ from hypocrisy.


Hypocracy is a government of hypocrisy.


The primary directive of the parasite beast is to overthrow governments that care for their people, and install hypocracy.


When you go to war and believing that you are fighting for your country you are really fighting to preserve the hypocracy in your own country.


The burden of the parasite beast

The burden of the parasite beast is similar to the white mans burden, to control the whole world under their system. Their system is that the resources of earth should benefit a few oligarchs. If Russia wants their oil and gas resources to benefit their own people the parasites will do whatever it takes to overthrow them.
One can see how the media only presents the side of the beast, it is a ghetto mentality like the freedom fries, they break off NATO and NASA promptly from cooperating with Russia. One can see that the parasite is a ghetto mentality.

A thousand points of darkness

The world is worried about the cost to fix climate change. It is simple, the cost to fix climate change is zero.
Well not quit, it is negative,  negative money, the opposite of money.
Shutdown the military industrial complex now before earth goes into thermal runaway. This will save billions of dollars.
Shutdown the police and prison industrial complex now before earth goes into thermal runaway. This will save billions of dollars.
By shutdown the military, police, prison we will also save on millions of tons of greenhouse gases.
The parasite beast presently control the means of industry but they would never shutdown themselves.

Police and soldiers.

Police and soldiers.
Soldiers you believe that you are doing good, freeing the world of communist, relieving other countries of their oil and other resources. You go and risk your life for your country, you think that you are heroes. However you must realize that you were trained and conditioned from birth to serve the system.
You are taught in school from an early age to serve. G.I. Joe is the hero, Hollywood, comics, television create the cartoons movies to train you from a tender age.

Why the parasite beast hate Russia.

This is why the parasite beast hate Russia.
What Russia did not do:
Russia did not enslave black people.
Russia did not commit genocide on the natives of Africa, north and south America.
Russia did not split up Africa, India, Afghanistan, Palestine, and many more.
Russia did not bomb Japan with nuclear bombs.
What Russia did do:
Russia saved the world from Hitlers Germany. If Russia did not enter the backside of Germany, the allies would have lost the war.
You just need to listen to Hilary Clinton and John Kerry to realize where they stand against poor people. They are John McCain's people.


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