Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was too young to know the proper procedure when acosted.

If you are black and someone jumps out of their car to tackle you, you can feel pretty sure that they have a weapon,

If you run that means you are guilty and you will be shot. If you stop and turn around you will be shot.

The proper procedure is to put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodby. 

This way they will shoot you in the ass and you may stand a slight chance to recover.    


Unuseminucum 7 16 2013 


I think the correct procedure they would like, is for us to stick our heads UP our asses to protect them. But hey, I am white, and I hate our legal structure, and the way the police function, also. The ideologues in our society cry for us to hide with our heads up our asses, with small-minded thinking... If I was to go before a court, I am already guilty of being in contempt of the court. Our legal structure has gotten screwed up, because all four branches of our government (yes, no longer 3, as they have allowed the institution of AGENCY to be more powerful than the other branches), are run by students from our law schools. Our law schools have created an entity, a machine, a structure, that needs to create self-survival. Judges, lawyers, law makers, executors of the laws, all went to law schools, and are part of this monster than needs to consume tremendous resources to keep itself alive. Our businesses have become the major funders of this machine that wants to grow, and thrive. The individual needs to fight back, to foster life and liberty, and reject imprisonment to their little dances, that they have made so complex, that we need to pay them just to keep from being thrown in jail. Man, our tax base is so huge to help this war and business machine, with lobbyists being paid by industry to re-elect those they sponsor to keep them alive. It might be ugly, but we are at the very crux between Ying and Yang, between dark and evil, and those of us that can see it, need to continue the fight, with words, to make some amount of change to this horror. I believe the light will overtake the darkness, but we are just the beginning of the spark, compared to all eternity. Sorry, your site covers a spectrum that is taking my thoughts into various tangents, which I love to do, but I apologize to anyone confused by my jumping around on passionate topics here.

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