Who will win the Syrian war?


Who will win the Syrian war?


It is easier to look at who will lose :


  • the hard working people of America

  • the hard working people of Syria

  • the environment, earth



Who will win :


  • the military industrial complex

  • all the wealthy who have stocks in these companies



The poor people will work to pay for this adventure while the rich will wallow in profits.


The people are still suffering from Iraq and Afghanistan. Notice how far your paycheck goes today as compared to before Bush.


Remember this, it is not the rich that pays for the war, it is the poor.


The rich make lots and lots of money from the war.


Please, the powers that be do not start the war.

Unuseminucum  9/6/2013




The working class is suffering from Iraq and Afghanistan this will put more hardship on us. The rich will get richer at our expense.

When you see John McCain and John Boehner are in full agreement with the president you must realize something is wrong.

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