President Obama stand your ground.


President Obama stand your ground


The republican parasite beast under George Bush and friends destroyed the US. Economy.

They have tried everything to stop president Obama from fixing the economy.

 This is not because the republicans are stupid, they want to bring back their money which is stored in foreign currencies, the best way for them is to bring down the US dollar, is to sabotage the economy.

 If they can cause the dollar to drop by a half then their money in Cayman and Swiss banks will be worth twice as much.

They will buy your home for pennies on the dollar and rent it back to you.

President Obama stand your ground, shutdown the military industrial complex now.

My land tax has increased by 300%, if the republicans bankrupt the country again my land tax will jump to 600%. I will have to hand over my home to the Republican parasite beast, because I will not be able to pay the taxes.

This is not just me it will be millions of people homes handed over to the republican tea bags.


The Republicans will put you and I on the street for nothing.


President Obama stand your ground, shutdown the military industrial complex now. This will solve the financial crisis immediately.


Unuseminucum 10/9/2013





I share your sentiments to a great degree and most of that which you shared on your site. I was actually looking for a different site recommended by the Director of Mindfulness at Oxford University (Professor Mark Williams), when I accidently landed on your site. Immediately, I noted that your sentiments resounded my own urgings. I have felt like a town-crier trying to awaken people about these very points. I studied economics extensively, and politics, humanities, bot mostly the sciences of physics and philosophy (a business major who took too many science and math courses). As such, I see how the machinery of Keynesian economics is ruining our country. It was good to get us out of the depression, but the debt on a long term basis, to the degree it is now, is unmanageable. When I studied under a former president of a Federal Reserve bank, he opened my eyes. But, back then, our debt (which was 4 1/2 times smaller than it is now) was manageable, and needed for monetary control against inflation and stagflation/depression. We continue to go to war to drive up our debt to help with the short term economy fixes, (the real reason President Bush went to war with the lies of them having WMD's), but now, our Federal Reserve Prime Rate is at a level so low, that they lost control of our economy, unable to lower it further. Death and war are not the answer. I am a veteran of the US, but (now that I am a grand-father) I have become very liberal since my conservative, American business focused youth, because we need to foster life, and edification, and helping those that are down - so they can be productive members of our society. We need to spend more on our society and less on promoting death. Our future offspring will look back on this time as the Dark Ages of monetary management and politics. It is as if we got a credit card with no limit, and we spent an amount to get us out of the rut of depression, but then we went crazy with that credit card, for short term gratification, and have found ourselves with monetary nightmares trying to manage our debt to spending ration, and can not even come up with a bill to fix it in the US Congress, because of the darn Republican GREED MACHINE that is opposing social, more European style, governing of our resources and people. Man, you got me up there on your pulpit with you reading your site. Thanks

motor your ass outa here


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