Scared into compliance


Scared into compliance by the republican tea party.


The republican tea party has won again. They will get the government to reverse the cuts in defense.

This is the republicans main gravy train. They scare us into compliance, we have to pay for a military that is bigger than all the others in the world combined.


They fool and scare, us into believing that Russia and China will take us over. What they are really scared of is that Russia and China will give their people a better life and we may get jealous and desire a better life too.


The republican tea party say the country will go bankrupt because of Obama care. The truth is that the country will go bankrupt because of the military industrial complex and the health industrial complex.


Whatever benefits the parasite beast is protected and run by the government, like the police , military, NSA, FBI, CIA, etc.



You do not have to shop around in other states for the police services. The government suck the labor of the working people to pay the police force whether you like it or not. The police only need your address to come to your aid.


Health care on the other hand needs chains of paperwork, clerks accountants, CEO for health insurance, investigators, numerous needless procedures, lawyers, etc.


To can easily know how profitable the health industrial complex is just by watch the television advertisements:


Watch the drug companies, health insurance, health providers advertise. All the money for these advertisements is paid by you the people. These ads. cost $50,000 to $1,000,000 per minute.


So a lot of your health care dollars go to the media for advertising, to tell you how dangerous these drugs are, this is the same media that will use their resources to stop the single payer system.


This is advertisement not drug research and development.


Can you imagine how expensive police services would get if the police had to advertise on prime time for your business.


Just like how the police is run by the government and is not for profit, so should be the health industrial complex.


Education and health should be like the police not for profit.


.…...... Hello, hello 911 they are kicking down my door help help please.


911…....... Who is your security provider.


.…...... Hm!


911…....... Do you have police insurance.


 .…...... I lost my job and cannot afford insurance.


911…....... Do you have a gun.


 ….......No i don't have a gun.


911….......Well I hope you can run fast.


911….......Thank you for calling 911.


Tip of the day buy stock in drug companies, hospitals, insurance providers,etc.


You cannot go wrong if you buy anything that has to do with the health industrial complex.


Unuseminucum 12/13/13







The republican teabag is a greedy beast.

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