Who am I and why am I still here

I always thought that I had a soul and that when I die my soul would leave my body. This most likely is from my Christian upbringing.   I recently had surgery for an umbilical hernia, which is as minor a surgery as they may go.


This  is my first time under anesthesia, and I decided to study the situation. The guy who is putting me to sleep called my attention to the clock on the wall, he said that I will be back in about two hours.


He injected some juice in my vein.


When I came to  I did not have the presence of mind to check the clock. The first thing I can remember is that I felt my balls to see if they were still there, you know the story of doctor removing the wrong foot, it takes great faith to allow yourself to be anesthetized.  


Everything was fine my balls were still there, and my hernia was bandaged up.


After this incident I am now of the opinion that there is no soul, because I know absolutely nothing of what happened after receiving the injection.


The doctor could have just as easily removed my balls instead of fixing the hernia, he could have even cut off my head and dumped my whole body and I would not know the difference.


Maybe that is exactly what he did but I don't realize that I am dead hence I am here at my computer typing all of this.


How can I be sure that I am still alive.


This means that the anesthesia crippled both my mind and my soul at the same time  or it only  crippled my mind as my soul was never present in the first place.


Conclusion if you want to go to heaven or hell for that matter you have to die consciously, do not allow them to put you to sleep. Face the pain of death head on, consciously, or you could lose your soul that you maybe never had in the first place.


Give your opinion do humans have souls, what about cows and elephants do they, what is it so special about us?


Will I drink milk and honey for eternity or will I burn in hell fire forever. Or will my carcass just return to the earth from which it came.


To be honest,  milk and honey for eternity or burning in hell fire forever would become very boring, I would prefer to just return to earth so that the worms can enjoy me and life goes on.

Unuseminucum 12/16/2013


When you go under your brain waves are still going. When all brainwaves stop you are dead, only then will you know if there is a soul. Unfortunately you will not be able to tell us. I have two soles and I do not have to die to know.

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