Evolution of the beast 2


Evolution of the beast.


This is not a dispute of Darwin which is a theory of how species evolve. This is about before there were any species to evolve. So where, when, how, did the first species arrive.


How did the flowers survive before the bees came along to pollinate them, or visa versa. There is a definite force driving nature, for example:


Goats cannot climb trees, if they could they would eat all the leaves off the trees and a lot of trees would not exist today. This also goes for all the other grass eating creatures too. Lions and tigers can climb trees but they do not eat leaves.


This also goes for all the other carnivorous creatures too. There is a reason why plants cannot walk, if plants could walk they would find the most fertile land and stake their roots. This would destroy all other plants, we would have only one plant the strongest, to the detriment of all others.


We would not be here as one plant cannot sustain animal life. So plants cannot walk, goats cannot climb trees, lions cannot eat leaves. This is very necessary if we are to have the world as it is.


The survival of the fittest would mean the survival of none. Let us thank the divine that it was not intelligent design, but continuous design.


The big problem is that humans can climb trees, cook the leaves and grass to eat, and destroy everything. The human beast is the only threat to earth, I think they did it to Mars also. If not controlled they will do the same thing to earth.


The big problem is that every creature on earth eats something else whether it be plant or animal. So even god would not be able to fix it. Yes! even god has limitations, god cannot contradict himself. For example if a creature is made with no mental limitations, (freewill), one cannot expect the creature to do what you want.


If the creature have to do your bidding it does not have freewill, if it has freewill then you cannot expect it to do you bidding. Even god could not make a creature that does his bidding while at the same time having freewill.


The primitive greed that made us hunt and eat was essential for survival. With our freewill and our natural herding mentality we have created machines and industrial complexes.


However the greed is still in us. We still possess our greed which is our basic instinct for survival. You can see that it is impossible to give a person freewill and have them do what you want them to do.


Even god cannot contradict himself. You cannot have drought while rain is frequent, they are mutual exclusive.


What can save us from this dilemma? All animals can only fill their bellies and go to sleep while all the others eat the scraps. The human does the same thing too, the only difference is the human can organize so that while he is sleeping he has a lot of workers bodyguards police soldiers to watch over his domain.


He can divide the world in pieces and fence it all up. He has devised a system where a few overlords (also called job creators) can control the masses. These masses are paid enough to insure that they have to return to work on Monday morning, or their family will go hungry.


The overlords have billions more than the masses and can order them to do anything even if it is destructive to the world at large. The overlords have created a system known as the parasite beast system. This system is designed that the little which the masses earn will be eventually taken and given to the overlords. This is necessary so that the masses will have to work very hard all of their lives just to survive.


The masses do everything, from sweeping the streets to making the spaceships and aircraft carriers while the overlords do no useful work they reap the profit.. It is an ingenious system, if the overlords create a war they make money, while the masses have to fight the war and pay more taxes to support the war.


The rich get richer the masses get maimed or killed but must pay for the war with sweat and limbs. In other words anything the overlord does he gets your labor and sweat. Indeed even if the overlords do something stupid and loses the government will tax the masses to bail them out because they are too big to fail.


Anyone who disagree with the system is labeled either insane or criminal. The system works by catering to the greed that is in all living things, create a need which is really a want. Basically we only need food shelter and sex, all the rest are wants.


Say that you live in a cold climate, you need clothes. On the other hand if you live in the tropics you do not need clothes, so they have to get you to need clothes. Which is very easy to solve, If you walk oround naked on the street they just lock you up and label you insane.


They sanction against beards to sell razors, the latest is that they are working on chest hair. If they can get the women to despise hairy men, chest hair, then they can sell a lot more razors.


They have even invented words like homophobic, this is to make men and women ashamed to go together. It is divide an conquer, if they can drive, a wedge between men and women it is easier to control them.


People want children but it is too easy, a man and woman have sex and baby pops out, this is too easy.


The overlords are presently working on making heterosexuality taboo thy have invented the word homophobic to cash in on the very lucrative homosexual business. Big money is to be made at hospitals collecting eggs and sperm, the artificial insemination industry, turkey basters flying wild (the overlords make money).


By making marijuana (a bush which people have been using for thousands of years) illegal, they can sell Prozac, Zoloft, etc and maintain a whole industry called the psychiatric industry (the overlords make money).


The psychiatric industry is one of the biggest bogus crafts, similar to witchcrafts. This industry is paid for by taxpayers money in the billions (the overlords make money).


The military industrial complex (the overlords make money).


The health industrial complex (the overlords make money).


The accounting industrial complex (the overlords make money).


The legal industrial complex (the overlords make money).


The overlords will complain against health insurance but not against the health industrial complex.


The masses are very close to perfecting the robotics which will replace their very selves making all except the the overlords obsolete. When these robots are ready they will terminate ninety percent of the population leaving the ten percent overlords in paradise.


If the overlords do not succeed in eliminating the ninety percent but continue with the consumer based, growth based, economy then the whole world will be destroyed by climate change and over population in forty years.


The growth based boom and bust, inflationary economy is designed to transfer all wealth to the overlords. The market booms (the overlords make money). The market bust (the overlords make money). This is by design. The other name for the overlords is the parasite beast. Do whatever you can to destroy the beast before the beast destroy us all.


We have evolved to the point where we possess the technology to squander the resources of earth, namely clean air and water.


However we have not evolved to overcome our basic instinct of greed. The greed which motivated the destruction of the trees to build Pyramids, Stonehenge and Mois is alive and well today as it was in ancient times.


Now we are doing the same thing with cars, airplanes, etc.


The overlords, the so called job creators are responsible for this destruction. You need the latest iPhone, car, etc. You need to shave your everything, and wear the latest garments. If you do not want all of these things you are lazy, worthless and good for nothing.


All of this is to maintain the billionaire overlord parasites. If we do not stop these overlords now earth will pass the point of no return, and go into thermal runaway within forty years.

Shut down the military industrial complex now and implement a zero growth economic system now.

now now now

Unuseminucum 1/17/2014



This article is incomplete you are welcome to help me write the destruction of the parasite beast and in so doing save the world. Just put your two cents in the comment and I will insert it.



They create a wants in the population: You want a bigger and better everything therefore the overlords will work you and your family all the days of your life.


The preparation of the world we know: A sun to shine and provide all the energy needed. A planet at the right orbit a rotisserie, rotating at just the right speed so that we will not roast. All this has to be done before even a bacteria can exist.


We can speculate that lightning struck some primordial soup or some space rock crashed into earth bringing life but this does nothing to explain how the rock or the soup were prepared.


The latest speculation is that that given enough time every random thing will happen, and so our world just happened, over billions of years. The intelligent design enthusiasts try to equate creation to the term design as reference to how humans design things.


The big difference is that a designed thing cannot repair itself or reproduce itself. A man and woman can make another similar to themselves but they do not require much knowledge to that.


The universe is not intelligent design rather it is a continuous production, it is never finished while man made things are made and done. When it is done discard it and we make another, next years model.


The continuous making of the universe is above our understanding. We like to believe that our smartness is unlimited and that nwe can understand everything. We cannot understand the makings of the universe anymore than Ms. Pacman can ever understand why she goes around eating all these goblins.


Cars and a watches are intelligent design if they were made like how the universe was made then I would train my Volkswagen to seduce a Porsche parked somewhere and I would have a brand new hybrid. It would heal minor wounds, and would not need repairs until it gets old. It would eventually and die but by that time it would make a lot of babies.


I would never be out of transportation. Some scientist say the universe is a stupid design they will pick the creatures that are born with defects and say stupid design because they are not smart enough to see all the others that were born normal.


Some people will question, how can God be so cruel to take my loved one. This is because they cannot see the whole picture. How could God send the flood, earthquake and all the catastrophes.


This is because they only see themselves, they cannot imagine that the world was not just built for them. Even the mosquito has its place. My best guess (and I could be just as stupid as the ones who say how god is wicked to take my loved ones) is that the whole universe is a simulation and we can never get out of the box to see the whole picture.


One thing is that we have a great imagination.


Unuseminucum 1/14/2014


Men make war and women make tea ! i think women are smarter for preserving the human race.

Very interesting perspective.

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