The parasite beast is fighting a losing battle

The parasite beast is fighting a losing battle because if they win they lose, in fact all of us lose. The world is presently controlled by the parasite beast powered by greed, the more that you have, the more you want.


This by design create haves and have-nots  which forces society to waste a lot of resources on protection, by police, soldiers, burglar bars, locks, bombers,tanks , guns.


The ruling class must protect themselves from their slaves. If any country decides to operate a system that is beneficial to their community at large.  They will be subverted economically, militarily, …...


The simple reason for this is, if the oppressed people in the parasite beast country find out that people in country X are happy they will want the same for themselves and would be incited to overthrow the beast.


So all of this arms race is to protect the  parasite beast from being overthrow by their own people. In the same way they need the police at home.


The people are conditioned from birth to serve the parasite beast, we are taught to to love our beast because God gave them dominion over us. Do not worry if you serve your beast well God will have a place in heaven for you.


The beast on the other hand has his heaven on earth while he is alive. You must realize that if the beast really believed in this they would never have sanctioned all these bombing, wars, killing ….  


The parasite beast system is based on making you want more and more so that they can work you for less and less. This consumer demand  system is wasting earths resources and creating unnecessary pollution which will eventually destroy life as we know it.


The most important resource is clean air and water. The parasite beast has built under ground shelters all over the world where they believe they can weather the storm for years. After they have sent us to kill our brothers and sisters all over the world and create a total catastrophe. The beasts will  weather the storm.


They will perish in their underground shelters also. When they are finished only cockroaches will be left on earth.


We have to stop them now before they put earth in runaway global warming. All these wars are to steal oil which will eventually cover earth with greenhouse gases.


Police and soldiers all over the world drop your arms and go home, there will be no one to charge you for AWOL.


Implement a zero growth economy that is not based on consumer demand. Shutdown the military industrial complex now before earth passes the point of no return.



Unuseminucum 3/26/2014

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