Mayhem in Crimea

Mayhem in Crimea.
The parasite beast explanation for the illegality of the  Crimean vote is that there was no bloodshed. However their sponsored bloodshed in Kiev was  legitimate. The reason for this, is might is right, since the US. EU. are the mightiest, then they are right.
They are judge, jury, and executioner, plus lawmaker of the world.  Indeed might is right if you are the toughest.
There are also other reasons too, there was a recent cut in military spending, the industry needs to reverse these spending cuts.
If the people in Crimea had waited on the parasite beast from Kiev to enter and create mayhem in their home, then they would be legitimate, according to the beast. The military industry would sell a lot more guns, bombs, …..
Things deemed legitimate by the parasite beast:
Invading Iraq, kill and maim over a million people.
Sponsoring bloodshed in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, ….....Chile, Grenada,...........the list never stops.
We have to stop them now before they put earth in runaway global warming. All these wars are to steal oil which will eventually cover earth with greenhouse gases.
Police and soldiers all over the world drop your arms and go home, there will be no one to charge you for  absconding, AWOL.
Implement a zero growth economy that is not based on consumer demand. Shutdown the military industrial complex now before earth passes the point of no return.
Unuseminucum 3/27/2014


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