Mayhem in Crimea

Mayhem in Crimea.
The parasite beast explanation for the illegality of the  Crimean vote is that there was no bloodshed. However their sponsored bloodshed in Kiev was  legitimate. The reason for this, is might is right, since the US. EU. are the mightiest, then they are right.
They are judge, jury, and executioner, plus lawmaker of the world.  Indeed might is right if you are the toughest.
There are also other reasons too, there was a recent cut in military spending, the industry needs to reverse these spending cuts.
If the people in Crimea had waited on the parasite beast from Kiev to enter and create mayhem in their home, then they would be legitimate, according to the beast. The military industry would sell a lot more guns, bombs, …..
Things deemed legitimate by the parasite beast:
Invading Iraq, kill and maim over a million people.
Sponsoring bloodshed in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, ….....Chile, Grenada,...........the list never stops.
We have to stop them now before they put earth in runaway global warming. All these wars are to steal oil which will eventually cover earth with greenhouse gases.
Police and soldiers all over the world drop your arms and go home, there will be no one to charge you for  absconding, AWOL.
Implement a zero growth economy that is not based on consumer demand. Shutdown the military industrial complex now before earth passes the point of no return.
Unuseminucum 3/27/2014



The parasite beast is to overthrow democracies and install hypocracies all over the world.

The main game of the parasite beast is to overthrow democracies all over the world and install hypocracies .

The financial cirsis back in the 1930s was caused by WWI and the United Nations. When the Germans lost the war (by then most of the people were so starved they tore apart the flower beds in cities and the royal palace to grow food) the leaders of France and England forced the Germans into a treaty where more than half of their warships were confiscated/destroyed, 2,000 soldiers and generals dismissed permanently, a massive number of automobiles removed, and the Germans were forced to keep with a certain number of factories, and were forbidden to go BEYOND it. Naturally, war-torn Germany now has a massive displaced population where work is now very difficult to find. The Americans and English were sending relief funds' to Germany til the 1930s, but still the deutchmarks were horribly weak and there was still not enough jobs or food to go around. When the Americans hit an economic cirsis (caused by several businessmen, one of them irish-born tycoons of shipyards constantly messing with import/export prices) the relief funds to Germany had to stop, which made the German economy hit its worst. Hitler put the scapegoat on the Jews because he was a life-long antisemitic. He also believed in Eugenics where everyone who isn't white and upper-class is deemed a poison to the genepool and society progress. The reason why the Jews were seen as rich'were because orthodox jews lived together in the same neighborhood and supported each other in every way possible, a practice that became common even among christians back then thanks to WWI. Therefore, because so many jews didn't look like they were starving and weren't constantly lining up in the soup kitchens, they were seen as leeches' thriving off the bad economy. Which is an entirely different scenario than NOW when the EU is now facing corrupt government (The king of Spain this year BLEW $4,000 dollars of public expenses just to pay for hunting African elephants alone, and he is a Roman Catholic) and the US JUST gotten out of the middle east war which pretty much took out more than 30 million dollars in expenses (the weapons, the transport, the soldier/doctor training and deployment do not come free last I heard the Bush family aren't jewish) our problems are significantly much different. Hitler CAUSED WWII because he was a failed artist who was p!ssed off at the Weimer administration and thought he could do better. The jews didn't force Hitler to take Czechslovakia and Austria. The Jews didn't force him to invade France. The Jews didn't force Hitler to test his blitzkrieg' on the spanish villages. The Jews also didn't force Hitler to invade Poland, and then try to invade Russia, and also construct a badly thought out government in Berlin where 45% of the city reports were largely unread or barely looked at before being passed (causing the euthanasia movement that caused many handicapped people to be killed, and even doctors being told to put down their old patients to do the German population some mercy', WITHOUT the consent of the families. At one case a female doctor found a 16 year old being scheduled for a sterilisation. Because a teacher wrote that she was too addled brained' and might sicken the german race. She first talked with the girl, realised she was so far completely normal, and when she went to talk with city council, she found out they barely read the report before passing it through without questioning it. Yeah. No. Read your damn history books again before opening your mouth and echoing the same BS as the Nazi party. WWII didn't just start because Germany was having its money sucked out by fur-coated and obese jews, a huge CHUNK out of it was made by a completely unqualified, inexperienced dictator who wanted to terrorise everyone at the same time, and gave little thought of his new system' that was slowly bringing his people on their knees.

If people are being starved, what should they do? Roll over and die.

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