Why the parasite beast hate Russia.

This is why the parasite beast hate Russia.
What Russia did not do:
Russia did not enslave black people.
Russia did not commit genocide on the natives of Africa, north and south America.
Russia did not split up Africa, India, Afghanistan, Palestine, and many more.
Russia did not bomb Japan with nuclear bombs.
What Russia did do:
Russia saved the world from Hitlers Germany. If Russia did not enter the backside of Germany, the allies would have lost the war.
You just need to listen to Hilary Clinton and John Kerry to realize where they stand against poor people. They are John McCain's people.
I just cannot understand why Obama is on the same side as the parasite beast. Can someone explain this to me.
The Parasite beast has no honor, if you bow to them they will destroy you. If you help them they will destroy you when you are no longer useful to them .
This is why the parasite beast hate Russia.
Unuseminucum 4/1/2014

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