Police and soldiers.

Police and soldiers.
Soldiers you believe that you are doing good, freeing the world of communist, relieving other countries of their oil and other resources. You go and risk your life for your country, you think that you are heroes. However you must realize that you were trained and conditioned from birth to serve the system.
You are taught in school from an early age to serve. G.I. Joe is the hero, Hollywood, comics, television create the cartoons movies to train you from a tender age.
It is no wonder that you want to kill everyone who is not of the same belief that you have been  conditioned from birth to believe. The irony is that you are not helping your country or yourself you are actually bringing down yourself, your friends, your family.
You are risking your life to save your slave masters, to preserve the very system that keeps you as a second class citizen. A lot of you have to join the military because your parents are poor, you cannot go to college, the only hope for you to attend college is if you survive the war that they have sent you into.
You are like the dog licking the hand of your castrator because you do not know any better. You just think that is the way it is and that is the way it should be. The reason why you are is in this financial situation is not an accident, it is designed to keep you is need so that they can send you to kill people in other countries. You are a mercenary of necessity.
The reason why they send you to kill the people in foreign countries  is because these countries try to educate and serve their people. If these countries are allowed to exist you may realize that you would want the same type of government in your country too and therefore want to overthrow your own system.
The result is that you are risking your life and limb to keep your very self and family in slavery. This is why when you return from the service and cannot get a job, you think about all the innocent people you killed in the service, you end up killing yourself. You are trained to kill that is the only thing you know, so you kill yourself.
You think that is how it should be and there is no way out but there is a way maybe not for you but for future generations. Just like how you risked your life for your masters, you need to risk life for your family and the world.
I know it's hard but it's the only way to stop the oppressors that keep your parents in ignorance that they cannot send you to college.
The hard but simple way is to drop you arms and go home,
If you are a general drop you arms and go home.
If you are a sergeant drop you arms and go home.
If you are a private drop you arms and go home.
Who is going to prosecute you if everyone goes home.
Replace war with love, love for yourself, love for your family, love for all living creatures, love for our planet.
If you are police you believe that you are doing good to save society from criminals. It is the same as with soldiers you are conditioned from birth to serve. However what you are doing for a few dollars more is perpetuating slavery of your self and family. If society was run properly there would be no criminals.
There are still a few places on earth where you can leave your doors open and go to work.
If you are a police drop you arms and go home. If all police drop their arms and go home there will be no one to prosecute them.
Shut down the military industrial complex now and save us from greenhouse gases. Save us from the plutocratic “kleptocracy”.
If all of us did useful work we would only need to work two days a week and pollution would drop by 90%. Earth could continue until it crashes into the sun.
If we continue to push hydro carbons into the air we will all perish including the slave masters in their underground bunkers.
Suppose there was a war and nobody came.
Unuseminucum 4/4/2014

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