A thousand points of darkness

The world is worried about the cost to fix climate change. It is simple, the cost to fix climate change is zero.
Well not quit, it is negative,  negative money, the opposite of money.
Shutdown the military industrial complex now before earth goes into thermal runaway. This will save billions of dollars.
Shutdown the police and prison industrial complex now before earth goes into thermal runaway. This will save billions of dollars.
By shutdown the military, police, prison we will also save on millions of tons of greenhouse gases.
The parasite beast presently control the means of industry but they would never shutdown themselves.
The parasite beast controlled system, is an economic efficiency system. A system designed to squeeze the maximum juice out of the population, slavery on steroids.
This system relies on enticing the people to want, you want the latest car,  the latest  iPhone. The more you can consume, the more status you have.
We have to change to a need based system which encourages using the minimum of earths resources for mankind to survive.
We need a new world order  I will call it a thousand points of darkness. Think of all the street lights in all the cities over the world, all of this is wasted energy.
Without the parasite beast driving the system to produce we could sleep at nights, work two days per week and live happily. Saving the earth for future generations.
We need to implement a zero growth economy, based on the minimum use of earths resources. This can never be achieved if we have a small group of parasite beasts driving us to produce and consume more and more.
The parasite beasts can only gain wealth when we the people work and spend. The parasite beasts cannot make or do anything useful, but they skim the fat off the top of the people.
There is only one thing that  parasite beasts can make which is money.
The beast print paper money, most is just a signature. The people work for these signatures, which value less and less. This causes the boom and bust cycle, making you work harder and harder to keep up with just survival.
If we drop the parasite beast system and implement a zero growth system,there will be no need for police, criminals and soldiers.
If we drop the parasite beast system there will be no need for bombers, tanks, fighter aircraft, guns, locks, burglar alarms, etc.. 
We need to implement a love system where everyone is in love with our planet and all living creatures.
A love system will not incite us to consume more and more to show how we are better than the Jonses. When we are in love sometimes we even forget to eat, because we are so happy.
Create love and a thousand points of darkness now (turn off the unnecessary lights now).
 Unuseminnucum 4/5/2014

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