Hypocracy is a government of hypocrisy


Democracy, Demo-cracy, Hypo-cracy, differ from hypocrisy.


Hypocracy is a government of hypocrisy.


The primary directive of the parasite beast is to overthrow governments that care for their people, and install hypocracy.


When you go to war and believing that you are fighting for your country you are really fighting to preserve the hypocracy in your own country.


The very same hypocracy that keeps you and your parents underprivileged making you have to take the mark of the beast in order to attend college.


Parasite beast stop installing hypocracy all over the world.

Parasite beast leave the people alone that they can determine their own future.


A true democracy could never have one percent of the population as gods over them. The fact that this exist shows that the majority has no say in the running of the country. When you join the line to vote you are only enforcing the hypocracy. Your vote means nothing, nada, zilch.


Suppose there was a war and no one came?


The only way that we can preserve earth is to implement love instead of greed.



Unuseminucum 4/8/2014


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