Bernie has the cure

Submitted by maggie on Mon, 03/07/2016 - 11:32
Bernie has the cure

Bernie has the cure. Give him a chance to stop the beast.

Why are these leaders so quick to endorse Hillary Clinton? It is very simple these great endorsers are looking out for themselves, they do not care about the hard working people who are being abused by the system.

These great endorsers even if they are black they are not poor. They enjoy the privileges of the rich and they want to keep the status quo. They sold our black brother and black sisters into slavery hundreds of years ago for a few pieces of pretty cloth.

Now they live a good life defending us and they want to continue defending us, its their job and their right. This is just like the drug company who wants to relieve the symptom but never the cure.

Earth will be destroyed by climate change very soon. We cannot wait, we will not survive if we continue this war against our own people and the world.

Hillary Clinton and her gang is hell bent on continuing the relief of symptoms. She and her gang will continue to make a career of negotiating on our behalf.

The unions want to keep their job to defend us. They would naturally want Hillary.

They would not want Bernie because that would make them redundant. This goes for all the great endorsers of all categories and races.

They will tell you how great they are at compromising across the aisle. Certain things cannot be compromised.

What are you going to negotiate if the choice is cutting off your balls or your head.

Hillary can toss a coin head I win tail you lose.

Bernie Sanders is ready to implement the cure.

The cure does not need billions of dollars of research. The cure is simple get rid of the parasites.

Bernie Sanders is ready to implement the cure.

Let Bernie Sanders toss the coin and we all win.

Vote for Bernie it's head we win tail we win.

Whether you are black white or blue vote for Bernie sanders.

Unuseminucum 2/27/2016


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