Submitted by maggie on Fri, 08/04/2017 - 11:09

The parasite-beast are licensed legitimate criminals. I need to invent or coin a new word for them. Kriminel.

If you report of an act by a parasite-beast you could go to prison for the rest of your life like Julian Assange, confined to the Ecuadorian embassy by the house of Windsor.

This is like if you saw someone breaking into your neighbors house and report it. You could be shot by the police or go to prison for life.

With this same enthusiasm they have ganged up on the president of the US Donald Trump to  paralyze  his tenure as president.

Russia has been declared as public enemy number one. So they can sell the protection racket and fear tactics to the people.

The people have to work six months of the year to pay for the military industrial complex.

NSA. They waste billions of the peoples labor to protect us from Russia. Russia. Cuba,

North Korea provide health and education. This makes them also of the group public enemy.

The people of the US do not understand that they are also public enemy. We are slaves going out and murdering people all over the world just to keep our own people down.

The scare tactics of health care will force you to join the military to get your teeth fixed. The rotten teeth nation will bomb murder and displace people all over the world to perpetuate their on rotten teeth.

The reason for the escalation of this depravity is the wifi, The congress and senate is bathed with the best wifi that money can buy. Micro wave radiation will make you depraved in 15 years.

The cell phone will fry a 10 lb turkey in 15 years.

The parasite-beast just like the king or queen can do no wrong.

Unuseminucum 8/4/2017


Nobody citizen… (not verified)

Sat, 08/05/2017 - 15:37

First, as far as Trump, everyone should gang up on him to kick him out of the White House. He was trouble growing up and continues to be trouble. You don't get kicked out of military school if you know how to behave. He was the only one of 5 children who was sent away to school. His parents didn't want him around either.
You may be a little crazy to think the police will put you in jail for reporting a break-in. I promise you an investigation would clear you of that. However, if it is dark, one could get shot by accident.
Russia? is terrible to live there where the government spies on all its citizens. They should remain public enemy #1. They are always fu*king with America. They do not offer free education or healthcare. As far as neighboring countries at their borders, they are cruel and punishing. That is in the news.

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