The power of greed

Submitted by maggie on Mon, 03/07/2016 - 11:02

Greed is good, let us look at lions. A group of lionesses capture a prey, The male lion comes and eat his full, while the lionesses are obliged to wait until he is done.

The group of lionesses could easily unite and chase him away. If they did that, they would starve him to death. There would be no male to breed them and soon lions would cease to exist.

No matter how greedy the lion is he can only eat a bellyfull and go to sleep. The whole family will thrive.

With humans the whole game has changed. The human after eating his bellyfull can and will try his very best to stop others from eating. He can pay others to guard, fence in and protect his possessions.

This has evolved into a system where about sixty people own nearly everything on earth.

This has resulted in a lot of wasted skills being created for the sole purpose of defending this parasite system. This creates great damage to the environment.

The parasite system requires police, soldiers, security guards, criminals, accountants and a whole array of unnecessary jobs. These people should be doing useful work that benefit us all.

The teacher, carpenter, doctor, nurse, trash disposal, singers, painters, artist, etc. do useful work. This group who do useful work suffer the lowest rewards for their labor. I hope you realize that those who do the unnecessary jobs of protecting the parasites are also in the same situation of minimal rewards.

About ten percent of us fall into the category of parasites, while the other ninety percent do the useful and unnecessary work.

The greed system survives because of the divide and conqueror system. They divide you by driving wedges between you such as religions, sexual orientation, class, etc.

This brings forth the protection racket. You need police to protect you from criminals. You need soldiers to protect you from other countries.

The parasites get you to work and your labor is used to protect you. Because of this, health care and education is not possible.

What is possible from the parasites point of view is to make million dollar bombs to bomb other countries and improve the police force and prisons.

It is we the people who make all these bombs and do the soldiering and policing, risking our lives to keep ourselves in this quagmire. We have enslaved ourselves by our own doing.

This cannot be solved by bloodshed. We will only replace one group of parasites with another.

The only way is to replace greed and hate with love. Jesus was killed for this very thought.

If we implement a zero growth economy and keep down our population growth, we can survive until the sun stops shining.

The only way to do this is to eliminate the parasite system.

We have evolved our weapons to the point that we can destroy earth in two hours. There is no point in continuing the arms race.

If we continue the arms race, we will destroy earth. This includes the parasites themselves.

We must stop the parasites now before earth goes into thermal runaway. The hotter it gets the more carbon in the air and the hotter it gets.

The system in the united states is the perfect example of the divide and conquer system.

We have Donald Trump who doesn't care if he destroys earth.
We have Hillary Clinton who doesn't care if she destroys earth.
The both of them really are the same republican parasites.

Bernie Sanders is the only person that sees the light and is trying to save earth.

Even the black leaders are quick to endorse Hillary because they want to perpetuate the protection racket. They do no want to lose their job to continue the fight.

It is like the drug companies, if they find a cure, they have to suppress it. They can only find relief for symptoms. The cure would not be economically viable.

Hillary wants to relieve the symptoms.

Bernie wants to cure the ailment.

Vote for Bernie Sanders, he can only solve the problem, if he gets a 70% win.

You see how they crippled every move Obama tried.

Vote for Bernie Sanders, create a landslide.

Unuseminucum 2/22/2016



Anonymous (not verified)

Fri, 03/25/2016 - 09:56

Hillary cannot win the presidency, she will only steal Bernie and Trump will eat her alive.
Hillary is going to setback the working class 20 years. Just for greed because she has more money than she can spend in 2 fife times.

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