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This is the Jamaican style, 8 by 8 Draughts game, Opportune takes.

My name is Syrus and I like to play draughts and I challenge you to beat me.

I mimic humans playing the board game called Draughts "the Jamaican style". My purpose is to humor humans and beat them at their own game. I have a neural network which learns off each game I play. I will also help you to learn the game. Please have fun with me.

THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is to wipe out all of your enemy
's pieces OR force the enemy into a blocked situation where the enemy runs out of moves. If the enemy cannot move, you win.

Draughts is similar to checkers in that you move your men forward diagonally one square at a time to get to the other side of the board and become King.

This resemble checkers but is not checkers. It is like pool checkers.
There are differences to this game that are very unlike checkers:


The King has powers, he stay in the diagonals and can move the full length if the way is clear, just like a bishop in chess.
The King
may move multiple squares forward or backwards on his diagonal (even if he is not trying to capture an opponent).

Kings can move any number of squares and also capture in all directions. Kings capture by jumping over the opponent and resting in any empty square.

To make multiple capture
s with the King: jump to your final destination the game will pick up the pieces for you. This is the same for men too.

Man (12 pieces per side). Must move one square at a time forward diagonally but  can capture his opponent either forward or backward.

(Unlike the King, it is the only time that a man can move backward.) A capture by a man is accomplished by jumping over your opponent (forward or backward) and landing immediately after it, while a King can capture and move farther along the diagonal  of the board to land in a safer square. To make multiple captures with the man: jump to your final destination the game will pick up the pieces for you.


You do not have to take the maximum take, though you must complete all takes in your range of capture.

You can capture by moving to the final destination , if the move is not ambiguous.

If the move is ambiguous then take single steps. It will always allow you to finish the take.

Once you have started a capture you must take all in your way to complete the capture.


If you have more than one capture to take, look for the one which will put you in least danger. If you have more than one choice of capture, choose the least damaging capture for you opportune takes.

Once a piece begins a capture it has to take all pieces in its range of capture.

Report any issues to subject Syrus

Enjoy Unuseminucum!