Zero is the most powerful number

Submitted by maggie on Mon, 03/07/2016 - 12:14

Zero growth: both economic and population is absolutely necessary for the survival of the earth. Negative pollution growth is also necessary.

Earth has a finite acreage, we have to limit the population. The most important resources are clean air and water.

Zero pollution growth is absolutely necessary. Some people say oil and coal is limited and that we have to drill deeper and deeper for it. This may be true but we still have enough oil and coal to cover the whole of earth with thick black smog, this makes clean air and water our most limited resource.

We have enough oil and coal to turn the earth into the planet Venus. Who knows maybe Venus had their own parasite beast at one time. The only way for earth to survive is with zero parasite beast.

The parasite beast needs growth to survive, If you have the parasite beast pushing the latest gadgets on us, creating unnecessary needs and junk, we are doomed.

Our razor blades should last as long as possible, Our light bulb should last as long as possible etc....

We should make the smallest footprint as possible on this earth, preserving it for future generations of men and mouse alike.

Yes the mouse and all living things that we came and saw before us.

An economy that depends on consumer spending will destroy earth.

Consumer spending only exist to facilitate the parasite beast. There is one thing that we could be better off without, it's the parasite-beast.

You may say that God created the parasite beast but that is not true the parasite beast was created by the greed of man.

Zero is the most powerful number!

How can zero be more powerful than say ten?

If I had $10 ….....I could only give 10 people $1 each.

If I had $0 …......I could give everyone on earth $0 each (all I have) and still have my $0 that I started with.

Zero parasite beast means that the world can last forever.


Unuseminucum 3/9/2012


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