Missing energy of the universe

The classic gravity force is

We need not worry about the constants for this analysis, as we are only comparing the ratio of the two formulas below.

Classic force

Ruck force

Our unit of measuring distance r is the smallest possible distance so that r is always greater than one.

The missing energy of the universe cannot be found because it does not exist.

If we assume two electrons bound together at unit length. If they touch each other then the distance center to center is 2 units of distance.

If we plot the force against r then the area under the graph is energy.

The integral of the force is the energy.

Classic force

Ruck force

The energy required to separate the two electrons to infinity from r = 2 is :

Classic energy = 0.5

Ruck energy = 0.23607

As you can see the classic energy is more than twice the ruck energy.

(0.5-0.23607) / 0.23607 = 1.1180 111 % bogus energy.

This produces 111% bogus energy, which is directly caused by the inverse squared law.

The energy required to dismantle the universe is only a half of that predicted by classic force.

This bogus energy is presently ascribed to dark energy, dark matter, the Higgs boson and a whole zoo of particles. Everything is a vibration of the goo.

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Unuseminucum 3/26/2012