The silencing of Bernie Sanders

Submitted by maggie on Mon, 03/07/2016 - 10:42
Bernie Sanders

The silencing of Bernie Sanders.

The majority of people cannot afford cable TV or fast Internet service. That is why the debates are controlled by CNBC and CNN etc.. This way the average person can only see the highlights that big news chooses to show on the air. In their opinion if you can only afford an antenna you do not deserve to know.

The DNC Democratic national committee also chooses to hide Bernie Sanders. In my opinion both the DNC and the republicans want to stop Bernie.

The DNC wants to push Hillary Clinton which rhymes (name and nature) with the reverend Tilton.  

Tilton's whole sermon say give me the money, If you are a corporation make a thousand dollar vow, a 10 thousand dollar, or million dollar vow whatever.

It is easy to decide, The fact that the billionaires super packs love Hillary means she is bought and paid  

for. Hillary will be on retainer by the owners of the military industrial complex.

People your children, brothers, sisters, will die in the wars, when Hillary decides to flex her mussels.  Hillary will have to prove that she is tougher than any man.

Remember Indira Gandi's atrocities against  the Sikh people.

Remember Golda Meir atrocities against  the Palestinian people.

Remember Margret Thatcher atrocities against  the Falkland, South African, and UK people.

Working people when you see and hear these prime-time adds. This is not the candidate for you.

Bernie is your safest bet to upset the apple cart. You have to give him a 70% majority or he wont be able to do anything. 10% will be wolves in sheep clothing (so called blue dogs).

Vote for Bernie Sanders.

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Unuseminucum 11/10/2015

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