Destruction of earth

Submitted by maggie on Mon, 03/07/2016 - 11:24

profiting from the military industrial complex.

The masses have no choice, whichever government they choose it is controlled by the parasite beast.
A poor person cannot run for office, because the parasite beast controls the money and the media.

You are programmed to serve your parasite beast from birth, all those cartoons and movies that glorify the police and soldiers have been brainwashing you all your life.

It is not your fault, you are trained to hate early in life. Hate: Russia, China, India, Arab, Persian, Native Indigenous people, Africans, your brothers and sisters.
You have to hate black people, or how could you enslave them with love?
You have to hate the native people, or how could you rape and plunder them, put a token few on reservations in the arid desert, all in the name of love.
You are taught to hate over generations so that it now it now becomes second nature to hate.

The simple rule is if they have something you want you have to develop hatred for them then you can kill, brutalize, and take whatever they have.
A simple thing like a ball game which should pure fun and enjoyment is turned into a cheer leader competition. So you have to hate the opposing teem.

Hate your neighbor because he has a better car, or his belly is bigger than yours, or his wife is prettier than yours.
Your heroes are GI. Jo soldiers, police, firemen. I have no quarrel with the firemen.
The police and soldiers are the ones who perpetuate the rule of the parasite beast.

The parasite beast has all police and soldiers at their disposal you cannot defeat them. The only way to stop them is to drop your arms and go home.
Never wear a musket on your shoulder to hurt another mothers darling child.

The parasite beast does no useful work, all the guns, tanks and fighter jets are designed and made by ordinary people.
All soldiers, police, engineers are ordinary people but the parasite beast owns us all, everything.
The parasite beast owns us all, including the police and soldiers, they have to keep us in fear so they can sell us protection.

You work 3 months of the year to pay for soldiers.
You work 3 months of the year to pay for police.
You work 3 months of the year to pay the parasite beast.

This 9 months could finance health care and college education for everyone.

The remaining 3 months is what you live on. No wonder we have to steal and rob each other. You cannot get near enough to rob the the parasite beast himself.
The parasite beast is so greedy that they could not leave Russia, China and Cuba alone to plot their own destiny.
They forced Russia and China to setup a hybrid system just to survive. They are now working on Cuba to do the same.

The parasite beast is still not satisfied they, are going to start World war III.
Russia and China is not going to offer them a turkey feast because they know what will become of it.
It will be the end of earth as we know it.

Obama is trying his best to delay it but Hilary and Kerry are coming.
The only way is to replace the parasite beast with love.

Do not let them sell you protection.

Vote for Bernie Sanders, give him a landslide so that he can overcome the wolves in sheep clothing (the blue dogs).

Unuseminucum 4/13/2015


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