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Some of us



Some of us will dance tonight
for a lot more $ dollars $ some of us will become the beasts
the beast knows he's right, he'll destroy all of earth to get his way
he bestows the mark of the beast on us
we will kill in the name of the beast
the beast rules over all governments
they send us to die in wars if governments do not comply



Some  of  us  will sigh tonight
for a few more $ dollars $ some of us will take the mark of the beast
as police we restrain our own people
some of us doubt we’re right
we’ll hesitate to execute
we won't make good police
Some  of  us  will die tonight
for a few for a few more $ dollars $ some of us will take the mark of the beast
as soldiers we restrain foreign people
some of us doubt we’re right
we’ll hesitate to execute
we won't make good soldiers
most of  us  will eat bread of sorrow
What is evil?


Nothing is right or wrong but thinking makes it so. Shakespeare
We are a social being we are hard wired to be this way. We suck our mothers breast, well in these modern times even if you never got it, someone had to push a nipple bottle in your mouth.
This is not a psychologist class I am not a  psychologist.
A few people are born devoid of conscience and compassion, just like how some people are born deaf or blind, but this is not the norm.
The vast majority of us are born hardwired with conscience and compassion. Even the parasite beast is born with this. This is why we have to white wash our evil.
Do unto others as you would have them do on to you. Jesus
A simpler and shorter way of saying this is love.  We are hard wired for love and this is enforced by sucking mothers breast.
I will define evil as, if your actions are not sustainable for the survival of your specie. Since our survival depends on all other lifeforms. We can say  you are evil if your actions are not sustainable for the survival of all specie.
For example it all of us were parasites there would be no one to do anything, no workers we could not survive. A parasite cannot do useful work he can only pay people to do his work. On the other hand if everyone were peasants we could survive for ever.
The parasite system is organized crime. The parasites work together very hard but none of their work is useful work. They are trained for thousands of generations to suck the people, they have perfected the system, but even thy  too are hard wired with conscience.
They still need to whitewash and justify their actions. This is done by thinking of as as lesser animal livestock. We are inferior this is entrenched in their thinking God gave them dominion over all animals including humans who are not in their class.
This is how he justify keeping you in virtual slavery, which is worst than slavery, because it is not sustainable. When he jump on his private jet, yacht,  he creates the pollution of 100+cars each trip. He is a superior specie, so that's OK he is privileged to do it.
He uses the parson to pacify the people, He can kill a whole nation of people and steal their  country, all in the name of Jesus. He will send his parsons to destroy their art and culture, they call these crusades. The Indians were really guilty of land, The Arabs are now guilty of oil. They will find a way of justifying whitewashing anything  if you have are resource that they want.
The peasant class is their most vital resource, these  peasants cultivate the food they eat, cook it and wash the plate.   These peasant  will go to foreign nations and kill off the people all in the name of the parasite.
The fact that they have to whitewash their actions means that they can be changed, there is still hope for them. We the peasants can refuse to take the mark of the beast and stop killing each other in the name of the parasite.
It will be painful at first because they are sitting on generations of our labor, they control the food supply even they have never done any useful work in their lives. They are sitting on billions of dollars of our labor but those who  take the mark of the beast are the ones who perpetuate this. If everyone drop arms these parasites cannot eat the dollars, all that they stole will go to naught.  
We are the ones who comply with the parasite, or it could never perpetuate for thousands of years.
If we do not stop them they will turn earth in a dry and desolate place, full of smog and pollution.
The parasite need livestock to to perpetuate their evil. The larger the population the more peasants to work for them that is why you notice the republicans are against population control. The more of us to  work the better for them.
The safe carrying capacity of earth is  already exceeded, we are only being sustained by technology the very technology that is now destroying the earth.
The parasite beast have setup a system that survives on growth, without growth they will have nothing to skim, and they have to skim from everyone to fly their jets.
An example of the beast:
Some good people all over the world are working for free everyday to give us a free operating system that is open to all.
This resulted in Gnu/Linux a descendent of Unix which is a much superior operating system. Microshaft cannot allow us to have a free system because they sell their closed inferior system for $300
a pop.
1)they pay SCO to sue IBM and other Unix users.  After years in the court  they failed because the court determined that Novell owned Unix and not SCO.
2)Microshaft forced  Novell to take the mark of the beast.
3)Microshaft  setup a company to buy  Novell and it's patents.
 Nokia bought Qt which is a library to make it easy to build Linux programs and even windoze too. Now they they figure that they can deal the final blow by cocaining Qt .
4)They installed Eflop to flop Nokia.   
5)Eflop quickly flop Symbian. Replacing it with  windoze phone.
6)The final saga is if Eflop can convince Nokias board to flip Nokia to Microshaft or it,s goon.  
7)Then they can cut Qt 's throat and deal a hard blow to Linux.
They couldn’t just leave us with our free system even though they have so many billions which they robbed us.


This is similar to how the parasites invade foreign countries and install puppet governments, just because the countries want to give their people free education.
Notice how silent our government is, you will never hear a word about antitrust because Linux is free.
If Microshaft was after another parasite company like itself, then you would  hear about antitrust.

1.The government cripples foreign  government, sending peasants to die in foreign countries, because foreign countries  are try to give their people a better life.
2.Microshaft  is trying to cripple Linux and other free organizations.
3.Selfish parasites killed Jesus just because he gave away free fish.
4.What this means the government will defend the parasites but not the people.
This proves the government is bought and paid for.

They cannot allow freedom to work because they know that if we get a taste of freedom we will never
return to virtual slavery.
Zero growth = zero parasites = a sustainable world.
= zero boom bust =zero inflation

If this new system is implemented, with the technology of today we probably would not need to work more than three days per week.
There is one flaw that I cannot quite figure out, and I am open to suggestions. We would be so worry free that we would probably spend our excess time making babies and as war and hunger would be gone, the population would surge and we would be in the same situation.
We actually need negative population growth for a while. then zero population growth.
We cannot just start killing people, only the parasite can do that.
Any and all suggestions welcome.
If you paint stripes on a horse it will still not be a zebra.
Mr. Parasite take down this wall.
Will be continued
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