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The rate of occurrence is 110:1

One in 110 children are now born with autism. Is this a sudden increase or is it that these cases went undetected before?

My opinion is the former hence my suggestion. 

We need to understand how modern science works. If universities receive annual funding to discover a golf ball it could take say 20 years to start searching golf courses. If the golf courses are well kept they may not discover a golf ball.
After say five years of searching the golf courses without success they may get the brilliant idea of searching a sporting goods store. So in say 25 years some brilliant scientist will discover a golf ball and receive a Nobel prize.

The world cannot wait 15 years for this or mankind could be destroyed.

In the past 20 years the only drastic change is the cell phone, and airport security x-ray machine.
Every poor person can now own a cell phone.
If a woman has a child at 20 years of age her eggs will be 20 years old so they are not likely to be affected.
The mans sperm may be only 4 days old, he keeps his cell phone in his front pocket, about 5 inches from his balls.
Even when he is not using the phone the phone is constantly pulsing the towers to update it's location .
His balls ( the most complicated mechanism the sperm factory) are constantly being pulsed. 

The signal strength deteriorates at one divided by the squared of the distance , so unless you live under the cell phone tower the radiation will be micro watts.

When it 5 inches from your balls your boys are in big trouble.
The airport security x-ray machine, goes through your balls twice for each trip , they scan you going and they scan you coming.
The FCC safety regulations is 1.6 watts per kilogram . This sounds like a good way to to determine the energy required to microwave a turkey.
In a molecular factory like your balls it is easy for a pulse of energy to scramble your boys.
They may still be able to swim though, lord have mercy on our boys.

How much does a single sperm weigh much less a molecule in that single sperm??
It should be more the joules per cross sectional area, to tan one side of the turkey, since the balls are so thin.

Suggestions :
1)Wear a cap with a pouch for phone and fry your brain instead. 
2)Wear metal shielded underwear that's a tip for (fruit of the loom) and Hanes remember me 
when you come into your kingdom. 
3)Wear a lead cup around your balls. 
4)Throw away the cell phone 
5) Cut back on air travel 

Hence autism
Leon Rapaport

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