Marijuana Ganja Illegal

Submitted by maggie on Wed, 03/09/2016 - 01:50

Why is Marijuana illegal?

For us to understand we need to look at the drug companies and medical industry as a whole, hole a very deep hole.

I see adds. on TV about drugs frequently, it usually goes something like this:

This wonder drug X relieves some symptom but if you begin to have thoughts of suicide discontinue immediately. You may experience constipation, diarrhea, head ache, dizziness, vomiting, liver damage, heart attack, etc...

I also see adds. on TV  from lawyers. If you were taking wonder drug X and your colon had to be removed, or you are dead, contact attorney Y immediately you may receive a cash award  or a free bag to replace your colon.

You could become a very rich corpse.

The parasite beast is heavily invested in the medical industry and the sicker you get is the more money they make.

This is why they oppose health care for the people, the  parasite beast will eat you alive or dead.

Marijuana the illegal drug is not even a drug by the definition of drug. If marijuana is a drug then tea, coffee, and spinach are drugs.

Notice alcohol is not a drug, or you would not hear the phrase “he did not use drugs or alcohol”

The parasite beast manufacture and sell the alcohol so it is not a drug.

If marijuana was legal the add would go something like this.

This wonder drug marijuana helps prevent glaucoma, cancer, depression, nausea, pain. Side effect is that you may feel good.

Most people realize that if you feel good it improves your physical health, while if you have diarrhea and nausea you get adverse physical effects in excess of these.

Now recent news has revealed that the parasite beast is going to turn it into a thirty billion dollar industry.

Now you understand why marijuana cannot be legal, because it would take a big bite out of the revenue of the parasite beast. Also it needs no processing, and is easy to cultivate.

This makes it difficult to monetize.

The only way to  monetize marijuana is to make it illegal.

The parasite beast has to make money off everything.

If it's good for you the parasite beast make money.

If it's bad for you the parasite beast make a whole lot more money, because he will have other drugs to treat the side effects.

Warning marijuana is not for everyone, if you do not have a headache do not take aspirin.

Unusemenucum 8/23/11

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