Can we ever understand the universe?

Submitted by maggie on Mon, 03/07/2016 - 10:59

Can we ever understand the universe?

Darwin's theory of evolution explains very well the changes in species over generations and environment .

We now have DNA. Tools which Darwin did not have in his time. This puts us deeper into confusion.

We are now into the speculation hypothesis's:

How was the DNA. Written?
It was written by accident, lightening accidentally struck some inanimate object, water mixed with dirtĀ  brought fourth life.
This is quite similar to the biblical account of god said let there be light.

The light of the sun brought fourth the lightening, This bring us even deeper, we need to understand how the earth moon and sun were located in such proximity that we are here to ponder these dilemmas.

The best scientific speculation is that another accident happened, from out of nothing there was a big bang.
This bang mixed the soup of nothings and created the universe. Sort of like how the lightening struck the mud and created life.

The speculation even gets better, after an infinite length of time, anything that can ever happen will have already happened an infinite number of times.

Case closed we will never be able to prove or disprove this.

The simplest solution is just call it God or Arnold.

It is good for us to think and speculate. If one could get out of the universe and observe the whole thing from the outside for an infinite length of time, then one could say that I truly understand the universe.

But who would be listening?

Unuseminucum 1/7/2016

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