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The fall of the parasite-beast.

We are fast approaching the end of the human race. How will this play out? We are mammals and prone to the herd mentality. This has served us well when we were fighting to survive on the African plains.

In present times we have developed high technology mostly in the killing field. We have moved from a few hundred soldiers with swords to millions of soldiers with tanks, jets, nuclear and hydrogen bombs.

We have also developed chemical and biological weapons. When this comes to a climax only cockroaches will survive.

The greatest development in technology is on its way. No more drivers, farmers, laborers, etc.. Farming will be fully automated.

So hip hip hurray. There will be fully automation of food production but no one to eat it.

The cars will drive themselves but no-one to commute.

We will have successfully obsoleted ourselves.

What remains after this:

The parasite-beast will be now 100% in charge. They may decide to keep a few of us on reservation like a zoo.

On the other hand they may just decide to kill all of us the useless people.

We will not need people anymore.

How can we stop this:

We have to understand the parasite beast. The parasite beast works off the principle of divide and conquer. This parasite beast beast system has been going on for thousands of years.

They divide us into:

Religions, sexuality, color, race, country, etc.

As children we are taught to compete and distrust each other. Children are taught to rat on each other by Micky mouse and Donald duck . Later in life the news media will scare the hell out of you with Russia, China, communism, etc.

In this way they can sell the protection racket. The parasite-beast will protect you from your brothers and sisters with police. They will protect us from Russia, and China, with soldiers planes and bombs

the parasite-beast policy is to keep us in need so they will tax us to the limit in

order to make weapons of war. They will make a lot of money with the military industrial complex.

They will bomb and subvert any country that tries to give their people health care and education.

The irony is that the rotten teeth people will join the military to kill and maim the people of other countries who take the health and wellbeing of their people in consideration.

Even north Korea give health care and education to their people. Russia, China, Cuba, etc. are the prime enemies.

We do not understand why we cannot give health care and education to our own people. This should not be strange when we spend billions on the military and police.

Do you believe the parasite-beast will surrender and give up their strangle hold on the people?

The answer is no.

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