Minority rule

Submitted by maggie on Tue, 04/26/2016 - 10:57
Minority rule, wrong Hillary

Minority rule:



The criminals

World Dominion

Military Industrial complex

The constitution was designed by the slave masters of old. It was designed to ensure that that (we the people) will always have full control of the government. Now you must understand what (we the people) means. (we the people) means the slave holders and the chosen robber barons.

The majority of people commoners, black people, women, indigenous people, low standing white people, etc are not (we the people). This means they can never control the government.

In other words the system is designed for minority rule, The majority can never rule.

This is why the republicans are doing everything to stop Donald Trump. The democrats are also doing everything to stop Bernie Sanders.

This farce system cannot be maintained Hillary Clinton will create the final world war She destroyed Iraq, Libya, she is working to destroy Syria and her ultimate goal is to destroy Russia and China.

Hillary has turned Obama into a zombie president. Her main expertise is to go around the world and stir the hornet nests so that she can sell us protection. The military industrial complex is the main beneficiary of this protection racket.

Hillary is the agent of the parasite beast, her job is to perpetuate fear mongering and fatten the arms dealers. This could succeed in in the days when the indigenous people thought we were Gods.

Hillary Clinton this is modern times Russia and China know we are criminals they are not going to cook turkey to welcome us. They also have the nuclear bombs. Hillary if you start this war the world will be over in two hours. You may think that you and your parasites are safe in your bunkers.

You are wrong Hillary Clinton you are wrong.

Give Bernie Sanders a chance to turn the country around 180 degrees and save earth from climate change and nuclear war.

Unuseminucum 4/26/2016

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